north sumatra trip

so this is my second part of the summer trip.
like I said before, at first I wasn't planning to go home this summer.
I was planning just to go around Hangzhou with my boyf and leftover friends -- cause they ain't got holiday -- cause they are medical students ---- and since they don't have holidays, they don't really have time either to travel around, mostly my boyf. Sometimes he also has to go to the hospital on weekends to do the rounds.

So one day my mom told me that mom and dad are going to North Sumatra with the church for pilgrimage and recreation. I have never been to North Sumatra before, so the plan was making me tempted. And since, nothing I can do in Hangzhou, so I simply request my dad wether I can buy ticket home and join the pilgrim trip or not. And since my dad is generous, he let me.. haha love you, Dad!!  

I went to mainly 3 cities : Medan, Perapat, and Berastagi.
All the trip was done by bus, except Jakarta - Medan by flight.

Toba Lake. A lot said the lake is dirty, but as I've seen, the lake is quiet pretty. Though actually still need more maintanance and attention from the gov.

Look! Who's that gooner boy on the Samosir Island?! 

The view from Gundaling. If I'm not mistaken it is Sebayak Mountain.

One of a catholic church with Batak Karo architecture style.

Taman Alam Lumbini, a temple by Myanmar's monk.

Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni. There's a spring water that comes out under the statue of Maria Annai Velangkanni, and it believes that it can heal. Many miracle has happened during the construction of the church, up to now.

And here are the participant of the pilgrim.

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