i was shocked

some said : don't put too much expectation on sth. otherwise you'll be disappointed.

well.i did.
i wasn't putting too much expectation on my report.
someone told me that my score was the worst among my 'gank'.
i came to the school.ready to see SIX in my report for the math.and i'll try to act that SIX IS STILL OK.

God has HIS own way for me.
i just pray to HIM, hoping that i can do my best in my last year.

the report had been received.
i saw no red scores.well, it was the one of requirements for sem1.
i saw my math score, still 72.thx god.
i went out with a smile on my face.

marco : ciehh erica nilainya paling tinggi loo..
erica : jidat loo!rata2 lo 82 gt.gw cuma 76 gblek..
marco : itu kan rata2 ipanyaa.total nilainya lo paling tinggi tau.
erica : emang lo berapa??
marco : gw cuma 11** -gw lupa- lo 1140.
erica : pin lo berapa pinn??
epin : 11** -gw lupa jg_
erica : ehh.benerann??
marco : lo ranking 11 tau ka!!!
erica : HAH?iya apa??
marco : tanya aja sama bu agatha klo ga percaya.

erica : buuuu..liat ranking saya dongg.
agatha : erica yaa..hm..nihh.11..
erica : ehh.itu mah nomer absen saya buu.
agatha : ehh?tapi bener kog ini.kamu ranking 11..
erica : HHAAAHH??waaaa.... *a really BIG SMILE on my face! XP

i wasn't putting too much expaction at first.
and i'm happy with my score then.
and i'm SHOCKED with my score at last. haha

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